Be Updated: YouTube Expands Test of Opening the App to the Full-Screen Shorts Feed


1. YouTube expands test of opening the app to the full-screen Shorts feed

Short videos like Stories are now a key social media trend in focus as we can see that most social media for instance Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Pinterest are adding new options to rely on the format. Up next, YouTube is following the others taking its short video beta to the next stage which they, have its own version of Stories that opens directly on the Shorts feed, which will instantly bring you to an impressive full-screen short movie experience, as opposed to a plain YouTube view.

2. Twitter adds new visual enhancement options for attached images and clips

Twitter is adding new visual enhancement tools which will enable users to add ‘stickers, text, crops, and more to your uploaded videos and images, to be attached to your tweets, potentially giving them more presence and creative flair in the feed. They’ve been testing the features over the last few months, but now, Twitter is rolling out its updated visual customization and editing tools to more users. We first reported on this test back in September, which at that stage had not been released to the public, but now, users are starting to see the new options appear in their Twitter app following up to the new application updates.

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