Be Updated: YouTube is removing the dislike count feature on all videos across its platform


1. YouTube is removing the dislike count feature on all videos across its platform

YouTube recently announced its decision to make the “dislike” count on videos private across its platform. The decision is likely to be controversial given the extent that it impacts the public’s visibility into a video’s reception. But YouTube believes the change will better protect its creators from harassment and reduce the threat of what it calls “dislike attacks” — essentially when a group teams up to drive up the number of dislikes a video receives.

YouTube as the second-largest search engine in the world says that while dislike counts won’t be visible to the public, it’s not removing the dislike button itself. Users can still click the thumbs down button on videos to signal their dislike to creators privately. Meanwhile, creators will be able to track their dislikes in YouTube Studio alongside other analytics about their video’s performance, if they choose.

2. Twitter launches updated Analytics tools

Twitter is now rolling out an updated Tweet Analytics view, available on each tweet, which will provide a more specific performance insight, with additional engagement elements listed in the data.

As you can see here, the new version of the Tweet Analytics screen will include insight into replies, tweets, and likes, as well as more specific data about where your tweets come from, and additional feedback about link clicks and engagement.

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